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Are you a Cabin Owner in Wonder Valley? (29 Palms)

$40 monthly by kevin in Twentynine Palms, May 14
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Are you a Cabin Owner in Wonder Valley? (29 Palms) in 29 Palms
Are you a Cabin Owner in Wonder Valley? (29 Palms) in 29 Palms
Are you a Cabin Owner in Wonder Valley? (29 Palms) in 29 Palms
Are you a Cabin Owner in Wonder Valley? (29 Palms) in 29 Palms

Your cabin is remote, far away from the busy city. It's quiet with almost no one around. Just the way you like it....

Well, there are others who like that too: Thieves. Drug addicts. Squatters.

Cabin Check is here to help you!

We are a new service that will check on your cabin in Wonder Valley when you're not there. Reduce your stress and worry about break-in's, vandalism and weather damage out here in our desert.

Who are we -
Tom and Kevin both have a passion for the desert and our beautiful area here in the Morongo Valley. We are both cabin owners and have been weekend residents in the past. Tom from
Los Angeles and Kevin from Newport Beach, both worried about their properties and many times had last minute trips to check on their cabins after weather or reported suspicious people in the area. While close neighbors are extremely helpful to watch your cabin, we are the professionals that will send you photos during every visit. Since relocating full time to the 29 Palms area we want to do all we can to watch over others property and keep it safe. We believe frequent unplanned visits to the property are the best deterrence to squatters, vandals and illegal dumping – a cabin visited often is less likely to “look” abandoned.

What we do -
We visit your property when you are not there and do a walk around check – we check all doors and windows to ensure they are secure/locked, take pictures of your property to assure you it is as you left it. If there has been an issue, we will immediately notify you and help you resolve the issue.

Your privacy is assured -
We do not have keys to your property and we promise to always maintain our client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Features of Service -
Detailed monthly invoice with times and pictures attached from our visit
Dependable professionals who know the area
Timely service when you need it
Cost efficient for you and your property

Monthly service to check cabin 5 times a month = Fee of $40.00 monthly
Checks include pictures texted to your phone or email
Visits from 6 AM – 9 PM, 7 days a week
Appoint hour visits accommodated – extra fee applies ($10.00 per appointed time visit)
Additional visits available with additional fee ($10.00)

Additional services include:
Water delivery
Plant watering
Small repairs
Clean ups
*A visit authorization form must be completed before service begins.

Please call or text Tom at 818-825-0640 or Kevin at 760-910-8106 for any questions or to begin your service.

Credit cards/cash accepted

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