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$Barter/ +Rent by Bookoo Fan 7998 in 29 Palms, May 24
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Twentynine Palms California 92277
Posted: May 24, 2018

Available: July 1, 2018

A. Must have substantial skills as an Independent Contractor in multiple trades (i.e.: construction, plumbing, electrical, landscape with valid references which will be checked.
B. Valid driver's license, vehicle (truck preferred) and current registration with vehicle insurance. Duties include (but not limited to) materials pickup at Home Depot in Yucca Valley and/or Builder's Supply in Twentynine Palms.
C. Must maintain an active and cordial relationship with property owner (or his agent) and all project goals & deadlines, time being of the essence.

01. Wage will be offered as barter of $400 in hours worked @ $10 per hour and cash of $400 monthly for housing (value is $800 monthly). Security deposit: first/ last month/ $1,000.00 cleaning deposit pursuant to California Civil Codes 1941/ 1942.
All work is to be done individually and without the expectation of assistance.
After ninety (90) days, owner will evaluate your skills on a productive basis.
Thereafter, an increase in the hourly wage will be considered.
02. Drug and alcohol free work environment. Requires a current DMV printout showing arrests, tickets and other driving infractions. Must not be on probation nor have an arrest record in last twenty (20) years.
03. Must pass random drug test when designated every ninety (90) days or sooner as determined by the owner/ agent.
04. Position is indeterminate and may be terminated with thirty (30) days advance notice by either party.
05. Worker (M/F) must provide Renter's Insurance and certify own health insurance coverage which holds owner harmless.
06. Binding Arbitration to resolve legal issues, if any, instead of filing a court action within the County of San Bernardino.
07. APPLIANCES: only one stove an one refrigerator is available.
Drapes or curtains shall be supplied by the occupant.
08. Dwelling is for only one individual with no pets. You agree to enjoy the quiet benefit of your one bedroom, one bath, one kitchen and one living room with only one guest staying overnight for no more than twenty four (24) hour period.
09. Visitors may park only in the designated location provided. Immediate notification
shall be given to owner in the form of a visitor permit time being of the essence.
10. UTILITIES: No laundry facility will be provided or shared.
Evaporative cooler: occupant shall take care of all maintenance, pads, in-inline water filter, pump and motor.
11. Electricity, gas and water are to be registered in your name including the appropriate deposits.
12. Internet, television and telephone service are to be your responsibility exclusively.
13. Use of the trash/ recycle cans will be paid yearly by the owner with the provision that occupant will transfer them to the street for weekly pickup/ in a timely manner and return them after they have been emptied (fifty-two (52) times per year. Otherwise, the monthly fee will be $35 in addition to the rent.
14. Keeping the premises orderly is a prerequisite with no cigarette butts tossed around the property (must be placed in an appropriate receptacle/ metal can).
15. Pests and vermin: occupant shall take care of all extermination of flies, ants, roaches, spiders and mice (and whatever else is a menace).
16. TOOLS: all tools will be provided by the handyman because the property owner is not an employer (or as required, rented by the property owner) to expedite projects.
17. ADDITIONAL Contractors: depending on the provisions of each/ every project, the property owner may choose to secure additional Independent Contractors to expedite tasks.
17. REVISIONS to agreement: as necessary, will become part
of the original agreement (addendum) to be mutually signed.

AGREEMENT: after an interview and further discussion following reference checks, you will be offered an Independent Contractor Agreement for your consideration.

QUESTIONS: please inquire by sending an email to: and not via bookoo classifieds (which will cause an unknown delay).


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